Hello world!

This blog is dedicated to all the the developers who wants to do something new and creative. I am giving a new identity to all such developers as – “Credevators”

As the name suggests CREative + DEVelopers. Developers bound themselves to a key area and specific language which is good for industry but not for personal growth and work satisfaction. Web technologies upgrading from HTML to HTML5, CSS to CSS3, fixed to responsive, core to frameworks and developers to creative developers (Credevators).  So, This blog is basically a medium to upgrade ourselves from developer to Credevator.

I don’t know whether my words are effective or not but what should i say we developers are not bound to spelling mistakes or grammatical errors similar to the our variables and logic.

If you agree with this thought please find a way to come up from the boring regular work of development and join – Team Credevator.

You can join us on twitter using our twitter handle @credevator